The Problem With Public Data

Miranda Partners is publishing our first guest blog, from Miguel Angel Davila, a founding partner at Tukan. As the blog shows, TUKAN collects, cleans, and standardizes millions of data points for the Mexican market, with a focus on the financial sector. For the data junkies out there like ourselves, we cannot recommend TUKAN highly enough.

El Pulso de los Medios – Agosto 2021

Mexican journalism, increasingly targeted by organized crime and institutions, continues to shine. This summer has been successful for many communication professionals, while new spaces for women and young people emerge that we hope will be an example of work for their collaborators in times of crisis.

El Pulso de los Medios – Julio

One of the top stories in the news this month involving the world of Mexican journalism has been the case of Vallarta-Cassez and the footage of their apprehension from 2005. Additionally, some of the most important media outlets in the country continue to make leadership changes, while acts of harassment and authoritarianism against journalists and informative platforms continue.

Which Mexican pollster won the 2021 elections?

As the candidates came out to declare victory after the June 6 elections, several pollsters also claimed (publicly and privately) to have “won” by having the most accurate projections. Unlike elections, there are multiple ways to evaluate polls; however, we will tell you who came the closest to the actual election day results.

El Pulso de los Medios – Junio

Bitter terminations of employment, economic crises, and tense relationships between journalists and government authorities make up the June edition of El pulso de los Medios

El Pulso de los Medios – Mayo

This month El Pulso de los Medios brings you the latest on changes in organizations such as Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad; conflicts between journalists and public officials (including President López Obrador); and additional complaints of sexual and labor harassment at El Heraldo de México.

El Pulso de los Medios – Abril

La pandemia de coronavirus sigue impactando de manera directa al mundo de los medios de comunicación mexicanos, sin embargo, también las decisiones y el comportamiento de directivos y actores relevantes inciden en los resultados de sus empresas y en la percepción que los propios periodistas tienen de sus centros y equipos de trabajo. 

El Pulso de los Medios

El Pulso de los Medios Marzo

Renuncias, pleitos y despidos han sido la constante durante marzo en los medios de comunicación mexicanos que no terminan de encajar los estragos de la crisis económica que trajo la pandemia en un año clave por las elecciones intermedias. Sin perder el dinamismo que los caracteriza, este mes hemos sido testigos de escándalos y reacomodos cuyas consecuencias seguramente veremos en el corto plazo.

El Pulso de los Medios

The second month of 2021 comes with a lot of changes in the Mexican media landscape. Some news outlets started the year with the wrong foot, others dissapeared. The start of the year has brought new leaderships and survival strategies.

El Pulso de los Medios

Miranda’s first edition of Media Pulse has all the latest news on the Mexican media. Leadership changes, new media outlets, and more tragic losses of journalists from Covid-19.