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Stand out with IR Videos

According to Hubspot, 59% of executives say they would rather watch video than read text (source). Having a corporate video on your IR website makes investors and analysts’ lives easier, and is a great way to stand out from your peers. Video also gives a richer understanding of your company’s purpose, history, results and executive leadership. In this week’s blog we’re going to discuss our favorite examples of IR videos.


About Us

About Us or Purpose videos tell a mix of company history, culture, recent results, projections, and commitment to ESG themes. Beyond communicating key metrics, this should be treated as an opportunity to give the viewer a deeper understanding of who the company really is, what it prides itself on, and its commitment to professionalism. Ideally this video should be located on the homepage of the IR site.

Orbia does a great job in their “Our Purpose” video. Using imagery of their stakeholders and products, they talk about how their products make the world work better and let people thrive (especially in the developing world), even though you might not notice them, like drip irrigation and piping.

Vodafone’s Together We Can video recognizes that the world is changing rapidly and that technology is at the forefront of determining its fate. The first minute of the video just uses flashing English words and no audio, which we think is a good idea when communicating to a global audience. In the second half of the video, the CEO and CCO talk about their vision for the future and how they’re designing Vodafone to be making changes now.

Blackstone has several videos, one we liked in particular is centered around their Monday morning meetings, where the whole firm comes together to challenge each other’s logic on investments and share insights. This is a creative way to showcase their thorough process and commitment to creating long-term value.



Some companies create a brief 5-10 minute video with their CEO or CFO explaining the recent quarter or year’s results. They can give your leadership exposure and help you take control of the narrative surrounding your results.

ARC Resources presents their results in the format of a conversation between the CEO and CFO. We like this format because it is refreshing to hear a more natural conversation about results and it adds additional color to standard conference calls and quarterly reports.

Vodafone includes short videos from the CEO, CFO, and Board members discussing H1 2021 results. It’s helpful to hear a summary of their results and also to put faces and personalities to the company.



Announcement video can be a great way to communicate why your company made a decision that will affect shareholders.

Blackstone recently became a C-corp and created this video of their CEO and CFO explaining the details and the benefits, with simple graphics. In this situation, a video goes much further than a press release to satisfy your investors’ questions and doubts.



Videos that are specifically about your company’s commitments to ESG and CSR matters will help investors understand and believe your commitment. This is especially helpful if your industry or reputation does not make a clear link to sustainability.

Nike’s CEO uses a video to introduce their Impact report, and gives a summary about how they make positive change. Their corporate diversity, sustainable materials, renewable energy, and investing in the communities where they work, and racial equality. The video uses images of their diverse staff and their recycling process.

Shell has a creative video to talk about their commitment to sustainability and their staff. It tells the story of one of their engineers who designed a way to convert a petrol station into an E-vehicle charging station.


Takeaways – IR Video Best Practices

  • We recommend that all IR sites have a brief (less than 5 minute) video in the About Us section.
  • Show imagery of the company’s product/services.
  • Showcase executive leadership in order to associate real people with your company.
  • Use on screen English text in the video along with, or in place of, narration. This way valuable information can be taken away even if the video is on mute.  RIPO does a good job of that.


What Miranda IR can do for you

Miranda IR, in partnership with Miranda Digital and Design, are happy to help you stand out from your peers with a high-quality IR video. We know the Mexican IR market and will be your partner to make sure your content is valuable to investors. Our digital team has experience with all video formats. Here are a few examples of our work Capital 112Citibanamex, and Banco Industrial, and Wagner Interpretation Experts.



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