We focus on facilitating our clients operations in Mexico

Miranda Public Affairs

We develop strategies to improve government relations, provide in-depth analysis and cultivate social responsibility in a challenging and rapidly evolving political environment. We specialize in disruptive technologies, agriculture, drugs, alcohol and tobacco. We work with a wide network of international contacts to:

  • Identify and anticipate regulatory and policy changes and challenges
  • Develop corporate and social responsibility policies
  • Solve problems arising from existing institutional and normative frameworks
  • Identify key players involved in your sector
  • Promote a public policy agenda through a variety of media
  • Collaborate in the formulation new regulatory norms and legislation
  • When necessary, crisis management

About us

We work closely with each client to promote their seamless operation and enhance their reputation in Mexico’s rapidly evolving political environment.

Our Services

We enhance the reputation of our clients and help them to respond to a changing political environment, allowing them to realize their objectives in the Mexican context.

Development of Public Policy Thesis

Reports on national and international context

Corporate and social responsibility

Participate in the legislative and regulatory process

Other PA Material


Our Team

Our team has experience on formulating public policy; engaging in research on disruptive technological change, as well as in academia. These attributes allow us to learn quickly and adapt to a changing environment and to the specific needs of each client.

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We focus on facilitating our clients operations in Mexico, while enhancing their reputation.

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