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The Power of Perception Studies Post-Earnings Calls

After concluding the quarterly earnings call, where financial results were discussed and senior executives conducted a Q&A session, it’s often helpful to ask analysts and investors for their feedback. Perception studies are useful for understanding investor sentiment and identifying areas for improvement in the upcoming quarters. Anonymous and indirect perception studies, conducted by third parties, provide investors and analysts with opportunities to express their thoughts in a more open manner, encouraging greater clarity.


Understanding Investor Sentiment

Quarterly earnings calls extend past presenting financial results; they serve as a platform for companies to shape their future narrative. Investors and analysts look beyond the numbers, seeking insights about the management team’s ability to navigate challenges, their confidence, and strategies for the upcoming quarters. Perception studies conducted after the calls are crucial for a company to understand investor sentiment and if they are effectively communicating the company’s results and strategies.

Influencing Stock Prices

By understanding these perceptions, companies can anticipate and strategically address investor sentiment, aiming to maintain a positive outlook in the market.

Strategic Planning

By analyzing feedback from different analysts, companies can improve their message to match what investors expect and to address their main concerns. Perception studies can reveal if analysts were confused about certain topics or want more disclosure from the company during the earnings call. This feedback allows companies to change and adjust their narratives and strategies in future calls, making sure their main points are understood as they meant them to be. For example, if the perception study gathered that information about the company’s debt profile is vague, the IR team can plan and make changes, accordingly, enhancing the explanation given in future calls.

Enhancing Investor Relations Through Transparency and Continuous Improvement

Through conducting quarterly or semiannual perception studies, companies show their commitment to transparency and ongoing improvement. By actively acting on how investors perceive the company, you can build stronger relations with them, leading to increased confidence and loyalty. Giving analysts this opportunity to share their thoughts, they feel free to express their views on the company, yielding specific details that are valuable for the company’s improvement.


Through these studies, our clients have refined their communication with the market, leading to a significant enhancement in their quarterly reports, presentations, and calls. These studies play a crucial role in the quarterly process for Investor Relations teams, as communication should persist beyond the call. Follow-up remains vital for investors to perceive the company’s ongoing commitment to improvement.

At Miranda Partners, we are dedicated to supporting you to enhance your IR strategy. Our experienced team is equipped to provide the necessary guidance and support on quarterly, semiannual, or annual perception studies, helping identify the areas of improvement for the Company.

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