Guía Malinalco
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Our Malinalco Guide is here! Get ready for your trip to this “Pueblo Magico”

By: Jorge Luis Cortés, Sofía Fraser

Adventure, tradition and comfort come together to receive the tourists of Malinalco; find all the details in our guide.

Miranda’s Guide to Malinalco

In the midst of Mexico’s economic reactivation, in which the tourism sector is of vital importance, Miranda Partners is honored to present our guide to Malinalco, which will help tourists and guests get the most out of their visit to one of the most emblematic places in Mexico.

Malinalco, located just two hours away from Mexico City in the State of Mexico, is ideal for those looking to take a short trip where they can take advantage of all the activities that this “Pueblo Magico” has to offer. 

Miranda’s Guide to Malinalco offers vital information on the best accommodations.

We cannot stress enough the number of exciting activities that await travelers, whether its extreme sports, lessons on the history and culture of Malinalco, or simply relaxing moments.

Our Guide to Malinalco also lists the best shopping destinations, as well as the myriad of gastronomic experiences in the area, which are so varied that you can even book a sushi chef to delight your home with his cuisine.

Every last detail should be considered and planned when traveling and Miranda’s Guide is sure to include contacts for the best doctors, veterinarians, emergency services, and even transportation options.

Your trip to Malinalco starts here! See the complete Guide here.

We are happy to answer any questions or provide additional recommendations.