mattilda, a SaaS solution that helps schools in Latin America streamline financial and administrative processes, raises over US$10M in a Seed Round led by FinTech Collective

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    • Mexico City, October 27th, 2022. – mattilda, a B2B SaaS solution that streamlines private schools’ financial management and administrative processes and offers credit backed by future school fees, announces its first institutional equity round of US$10M led by FinTech Collective, a New York City-based early-stage venture capital fund. Other top-tier investors include DILA Capital, QED Investors, GSV Ventures, Picus Capital, Emerge Education, SMP and Xochi Ventures, among others.

      The capital raised will allow mattilda to continue growing its receivables operation, enabling tuition payments to be made digitally by various methods, such as debit cards, credit cards, or bank transfers, as well as by offering flexible credit lines. The startup’s platform also includes an interface for communication with students’ families, through which users can view and address necessary documents, while also providing a singular point of contact to consult relevant information about payment plans, discounts, scholarships, and invoicing at a moment’s notice. This consolidated and highly intuitive platform aims to improve the experience students and families have with their institution of choice.

      “mattilda has a world-class team with a deep understanding of the education industry and how to solve for its clear pain points. After deeply surveying the players in the space, we are confident that mattilda’s operational capabilities and sophisticated partnerships will allow it to scale aggressively throughout Latin America in the coming years,” said Carlos Alonso-Torras, Head of Emerging Markets at FinTech Collective.

      mattilda offers collection services that outsource schools’ administrative efforts and guarantees the timely collection of tuition payments, allowing for a clearer and more efficient channel of communication within the school’s community. Additionally, schools will be able to join the platform’s lending program, allowing institutions to request advanced tuition payments 3-12 months ahead of time. Although mattilda is initially focusing more on k-12, higher education is a growth avenue that the company is already exploring given the deep expertise the founding team has in the sector.

      The company was founded in 2022 by José Agote, Jesús Lanza, Juan Pablo Bravo, Adrián Garza, and Ileana Gómez. Agote, Lanza, and Bravo previously successfully managed Lottus Education, a university platform that has grown exponentially in Mexico.  As private school owners and operators, mattilda’s founders suffered trying to simultaneously manage their schools, while charging students, filing paperwork, and maintaining healthy finances.

      “By digitizing the entire tuition payment process for schools, which, for the most part, still operate analogically, we have created a solution that saves school managers’ time, solves working capital problems for the school, and creates a much better user experience for parents, all of which frees up time for schools to focus on what they do best: delivering quality education,” said José Agote, CEO of mattilda

      “We are very excited about this round and to be partnering with top global investors. We are looking forward to helping private schools all around Latin America, and potentially other emerging markets,” said Jesús Lanza, Co-founder and President of mattilda.


      About mattilda

      mattilda is a B2B SaaS solution focusing on streamlining private schools’ financial management and administrative processes by advancing school’s income, guaranteeing a predictable cash flow, and financing growth projects. Founded in 2022 with the mission of helping the private education market grow in Spanish speaking Latam, mattilda aims to solve the cash flow problem for millions of private schools, providing financial relief to institutions and parents.  


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Full Press Release: mattilda, a SaaS solution that helps schools in Latin America streamline financial and administrative processes, raises over US$10M in a Seed Round led by FinTech Collective

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