Breaking boundaries in language learning: Slang unleashes ‘the Slang Way’, a customized path for every job title

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  • EdTech leader Slang introduces ‘the Slang Way’, a method that redefines professional English teaching through personalized learning paths for companies and professionals across all industries.
  • Slang utilizes the state of the art in AI to construct its courses, allowing for the rapid creation and expansion of its map of all professional English knowledge, tailored to meet the needs of every professional role.

Bogotá, Colombia, May 25, 2023 – Slang, the leading EdTech company in professional English education, has launched ‘the Slang Way’, a revolutionary method that will take its place as the most effective and comprehensive solution in the market — thanks to its personalized learning paths that adapt to cover any job title in any industry — and reaffirms its position as the go-to partner for professionals and companies looking to unlock their potential on the global market.

With the debut of the Slang Way, the company is taking the language learning industry beyond the basic, one-size-fits-all programs that have dominated the market to offer an incredible and unparalleled professional solution.

Unlike traditional language courses, ‘the Slang Way’ provides a complete and customized experience for its learners and companies. The platform not only offers personalized learning paths, but also complementary products such as online classes for executives and professional proficiency tests. Additionally, its specialized Customer and User Success teams provide continuous support to clients from start to finish, ensuring a highly effective implementation of the program across America.

“We are excited to launch ‘the Slang Way’, the future of professional English learning,” said Diego Villegas, CEO of Slang. “This program is designed to meet the unique learning needs of each company and profession, using the latest in generative AI to create a product that far surpasses what traditional methods are capable of. Our goal is to revolutionize the language-learning market and recognize the importance and uniqueness of professional English in enabling a successful and productive career.”

Technology and human talent: the secret to a unique and tailored experience

To provide an increasingly accurate, dynamic, and efficient solution, Slang takes advantage of the countless possibilities that advances in generative AI and machine learning now offer in order to deeply analyze each student’s progress and then offer the most relevant content for their needs, right at the moment they need it. This way, every professional can focus on the skills they need to develop, without wasting time on those they already have.

With personalized learning paths, managers of each company will be able to create study plans for their employees in a matter of minutes, simply by specifying the relevant positions and industries. This will allow them to assign courses more efficiently and continuously track their team’s progress. In addition to the content of each curriculum, students will receive recommended readings, support guides, incentives, and estimates for completing each level, providing clarity throughout their learning journey.

‘The Slang Way’ represents a comprehensive and advanced solution that will have a positive impact on company growth in a world where professional English is the language of business. With this flexible, highly customized, and interactive model, professionals from all industries will be able to learn the precise English they need to upskill with new sources of knowledge, enhance their performance at work, and reach their full potential.

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About Slang

Slang is an incredibly flexible English-learning program with the world’s largest offering of professional courses, on its way to becoming the industry standard for developing and certifying professional English. Its modular technology allows the creation of dynamic and optimized learning paths, based on the needs of each user, department, or organization, ensuring a hyper-personalized experience. Slang’s mission is to eradicate professional Illiteracy and enable access to knowledge and professional development.

Slang announced in December 2021 an investment of $14 million in a Series A round led by DILA Capital and Acumen Latam Impact Ventures (ALIVE), with the strategic participation of Roble Ventures. The company continues to generate impact after being highlighted as one of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers in May 2022, and as one of the 3 most promising language startups in the EdTech sector in Latin America by HolonIQ in August of the same year. Slang has also been recognized as the most promising EdTech startup by the 2020 Global Edtech Startup Awards and nominated as a Top 25 Worldwide Innovator in the EdTech sector in the 2021 ASU+GSV Cup.

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