Alsea 1Q20 Earnings Release


1Q20 Highlights:

  • Same Store Sales (SSS)* decreased 2.1% in the first quarter 
    • Mexico SSS decreased 2.6%, Europe SSS decreased 4.8% and South America SSS grew 6.8%
  • 20.5% decrease in first quarter EBITDA
  • 4,311 Total units in the portfolio
  • Net Debt / EBITDA stands at 3.5x compared to 2.9x in 4Q19 and 3.6x in 1Q19
  • Total Debt increased 2 billion pesos due to the devaluation of the Mexican peso
  • Cash flow position of 3.8 billion pesos at the end of the first quarter
  • Removal of the 2022 earnings guidance due to uncertainty and volatility in all of our operating markets 


* The SSS data excludes the units that were closed due to the contingency related to COVID-19.


Miranda Newswire – Full Press Release: Download PDF


Investor Relations Contact Details

Salvador Villaseñor

Astrid Preciado

Tel: +52 55 7583-2000


Disclaimer/Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains certain forward-looking information regarding the Company’s results and outlook. However, actual results may vary materially from these estimates. Information on future events contained in this release should be read jointly with the risk summary in the Annual Report. That information, as well as future reports made by the Company or any of its representatives, whether verbally or in writing, may vary significantly from actual results. These projections and estimates, which are prepared in reference to a determined date, should not be taken as fact. The Company is in no way liable for updating or revising any of these projections and estimates, whether as a result of new information, future events or other associated events.

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