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Are AML monitoring systems correctly parameterized?

In this week’s Compliance Blog we are going to comment on an issue that is an integral part of an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program. I am referring to the AML monitoring system, which some companies call an automated system, AML system, or transaction monitoring system.

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Investor Relations and Mexican politics

The still preliminary results from mid-term elections on Sunday confirmed how polarized Mexico has become politically. About half the country supported the populist Morena and its allies, with the other half backing a…

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Do publicly traded companies need a personal trading policy?

In this post we are going to discuss a topic that is particularly relevant for companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange (BMV or BIVA). I am specifically referring to the handling of privileged information and relevant events, which directly influence personal trading by managers and other employees who work for the organization.

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Investor Conferences

This week we focus on Investor Conferences – which ones to go to, who to send, and how they may evolve in the post pandemic world. We are also….

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Do you recycle?

This week, we celebrated the International Recycling Day. Because of it, this week we would like to share some interesting data on the subject. In

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Business Ethics. Does corruption kill?

In this post we are going to discuss a topic that is very relevant – business ethics and its day to day use. I will specifically address the unfortunate event that occurred a few weeks ago on Line 12 of the CDMX metro, which deeply affected our society.

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El Pulso de los Medios – Mayo

This month El Pulso de los Medios brings you the latest on changes in organizations such as Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad; conflicts between journalists and public officials (including President López Obrador); and additional complaints of sexual and labor harassment at El Heraldo de México.

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Are Compliance Officers Obligatory?

In this post we are going to address a very relevant topic for financial institutions, Compliance Officers in the area of ​Money Laundering Prevention (PLD in Spanish). This role has gained importance in the past few decades and is very important for regulation and our society.

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El Pulso de los Medios – Abril

La pandemia de coronavirus sigue impactando de manera directa al mundo de los medios de comunicación mexicanos, sin embargo, también las decisiones y el comportamiento de directivos y actores relevantes inciden en los resultados de sus empresas y en la percepción que los propios periodistas tienen de sus centros y equipos de trabajo. 

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Learning about ESG?

This week, I want to answer a question we frequently get: where can someone learn about ESG and the right way to think about sustainability?

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Why is independence and empowerment important for a Compliance program?

When proposing, establishing, or implementing a Compliance program, many questions arise, such as: which area should the Compliance unit be in within the organization?; who should head the division or program?; or what kind of resources should be allocated to it? All of these are valid questions and should be answered, but first I would like to raise some more general than practical ideas to keep in mind before answering those questions.

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