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IR for a Bear Market

“In 2020, more than 400 activist campaigns were launched against public companies traded on the US stock exchange”, according to…

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ESG implementation for SMEs

Two weeks ago, we participated in the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit 2021, where various sustainability topics were discussed. This week we would

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El Pulso de los Medios – Agosto 2021

Mexican journalism, increasingly targeted by organized crime and institutions, continues to shine. This summer has been successful for many communication professionals, while new spaces for women and young people emerge that we hope will be an example of work for their collaborators in times of crisis.

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What is the perception of insecurity in your state?

On this week’s Compliance Blog we will talk about an issue of concern for everyone living in Mexico: the perception of insecurity in Mexican states. Which states are seen as the riskiest, and how does this relate to money laundering prevention? Keep reading to find out.

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El Pulso de los Medios – Julio

One of the top stories in the news this month involving the world of Mexican journalism has been the case of Vallarta-Cassez and the footage of their apprehension from 2005. Additionally, some of the most important media outlets in the country continue to make leadership changes, while acts of harassment and authoritarianism against journalists and informative platforms continue.

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