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Miranda Partners’ Guide To Mexican Podcasts

By  Joe Leonard, Miranda Media

As we are heading into a lonelier than usual holiday season, this is a great opportunity to explore new podcasts and get all of your subscriptions set for 2021. Miranda Partners is here to help you with our Guide to Mexican podcasts, ideal for our Spanish speaking (or listening) friends. 


The Podcast Scene In Mexico

In comparison to Mexico’s robust radio scene, the podcast industry in Mexico is still in its developing stages and currently experiencing rapid growth. According to PwC, while the overall music/radio industry revenues in Mexico are expected to decrease by 19.7% in 2020, the podcast industry’s earnings are expected to increase by $19 million dollars (25.9%). Earnings are achieved mainly via advertisements, and some direct charges. 

In 2020, podcast listeners are estimated to reach 22 million in Mexico, over four times more compared to 2015 when there were only 5 million listeners. 


In contrast to more mature markets like the US, podcasts in Mexico have mainly focused on non-news content, with the most popular podcasts being related to comedy, personal growth, entrepreneurship and personal finance. Another difference is that, thanks to the mobile phone market diversification in Mexico, Spotify has been able to achieve a large market share over Apple Podcasts, the leading podcast app in the US.

This is also partly because Spotify has launched agreements with local media outlets to produce podcasts that will be exclusively played on their platform. They partnered with Grupo Expansión, to produce 8 podcasts on business and economy. Spotify has an alliance with Vice News, which created the El Chapo mini-series, and they partnered with Cultura UNAM and Rolling Stone Mexico for the special series on the Tlatelolco massacre. Also, the widely popular personal growth podcast, “Se regalan dudas” is exclusively found in Spotify. 

Así como suena 

Así Como Suena is another major Mexican podcast producer that has put out about a dozen podcasts. They have partnered with El País to make La Lista, Netflix with Nada Que Ver, Valeria Moy (IMCO director) with Peras y Manzanas. Their podcasts are consistently well produced with a high quality modern sound. 

Their description of themselves is, “En Así como suena contamos historias: historias de amor y de odio, de crimen, de política, de corrupción, de vida cotidiana. Nuestro extraordinario equipo de reporteros no se queda en la superficie, en la nota. Cava profundo. Y te ofrece piezas sonoras extraordinarias; historias que merecen ser escuchadas.”

APO Digital

Ana Paula Ordorica’s podcast app (APO Digital) and associated podcasts (Broojula). is also gaining traction in the international news area, also available on Spotify and other channels.

Trends in Mexico

In terms of trends among Mexican podcasts, some of the most popular for general audiences are in the comedy and self-help categories. Like Leyendas Legendarias, a popular podcast that is a mix of comedy, true crime, and paranormal activity stories. However, many Mexicans that we talked to for this piece, primarily listen to podcasts from America in English.

We think there is an opportunity for a Mexican podcast to emerge  that covers more general intellectually engaging topics that would appeal to a wide Mexican audience. A few that come close in their appeal to a wide audience are Radio Ambulante and Las Raras (both not from Mexico). 

Mexican Podcast List







El Café de la Mañana


Reporte EUA


Alto Parlante


Investigative Journalism


La Lista


El Chapo: El Jefe y su Juicio


La Advertencia




Peras y manzanas




Tlatelolco: La Plaza en Movimiento

  • From: Produced by Spotify and Rolling Stone México in collaboration with Cultura UNAM.
  • Content: Tells the story of Tlatelolco and how that moment changed history.
  • Length: Less than half an hour
  • Frequency: 1 season with 5 episodes
  • Language: Spanish
  • Link: 


Art & Cultura 


Hablemos Arte




Leyendas Legendarias


La Cotorrisa


En Cortinas Con Luisito


La Chora Interminable


True Crime






Se Regalan Dudas


Mexico – US Bilateral Relationship 


México Centered


Mexican Universities


Revista de la Universidad de México


Not Mexican But Great Podcasts


Radio Ambulante


El Hilo


Las Raras