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Miranda Partners Expands into Digital Marketing, Announces Merger with Digital Marketing Agency Sacapuntas 

CDMX, October 03. Miranda Partners, an advisory consultancy headquartered in Mexico City, and Sacapuntas, a leading independent Mexican digital marketing agency, announced their merger today, joining a new Holding of the two companies.

The two firms, which will be headed by current CEO of Miranda Partners Damian Fraser, will form a leading Mexican independent communication, research and marketing enterprise. 

Sacapuntas will continue to serve its customers independently under its current trusted and successful brand. A new division of Miranda Partners – called Miranda Digital Marketing – will now be formed. The new Miranda Digital Marketing area will leverage the best of Miranda Design (led by Jesus Sandoval), Miranda Data Science (led by Juan Pablo Zuniga and Leandro Handal) and Sacapuntas to create a top data and design driven digital marketing business for large Mexican and international companies.  

With the ongoing convergence of digital communication and marketing, Miranda Partners and Sacapuntas will now be in an even stronger position to enhance the brand, reputation and market position of its clients, offering a broad slate of services including Branding, Design, SEO, Content Creation and Marketing-led Data Science

“We are delighted to be teaming up with Sacapuntas. Founded over ten years ago by visionary Sofía Gómez Díaz Barreiro, the company is one of Mexico’s pioneers in digital marketing and has built a strong and loyal client base. Together we have a good shot to be market leaders in Mexico’s digital communication and marketing sector”, said Damian Fraser. 

“I am confident that this strategic merger will change the way communication and marketing works worldwide. Our business will see success by combining the best of both worlds”, said Sofia Gomez Diaz Barreiro. 

Miranda Partners was founded in 2018 and consists of seven separate divisions, (ESG, IR, Media&PR, Global Research, Financial Advisory, People ADDvisory, and now Digital Marketing). All divisions aim to be market leaders in their own area while also working together when it makes sense for the client. Since its formation, Miranda Partners has grown to around forty people; the combination with Sacapuntas now brings that to sixty. Miranda has offices in Mexico City, Monterrey, New York, Bogota and a joint venture to service Africa out of Kenya. 

Sacapuntas discovered that brands should not only satisfy needs, but also connect with the consumer’s emotions. In 2011 Sacapuntas began the task of designing a mechanism to generate personalized strategies, capable of boosting businesses. It has been more than 10 years since this dream began and continues to grow. The agency has a multidisciplinary team made up of specialists in each of its areas: graphic design, content, web development, public relations and digital marketing. Sacapuntas creates tailor-made strategies, where creativity and innovation achieve results that work.