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It’s a wrap! See you next year

This week, in our last blog of the year, we want to look back to the good side of 2020. We all know this has been a difficult year for many (if not all) around the world, and by no means do we want to minimize that. But it has also been a time where humanity has come through in different areas, and we would like to end the year with a message of hope and gratitude.

So, to lift our spirit, here are some of our favorite good news of the year to inspire some hope:

  1. Inspiring 100+ Year Olds Who Were Determined to Vote This Year No Matter What
  2. Sweden Shuts Down Its Last Coal Plant Two Years Early
  3. Diego, the Galápagos tortoise with a species-saving sex drive, retires
  4. A rare blue bee scientists thought might have become extinct has been rediscovered in Florida
  5. Simple measures can make wind turbines more bird friendly
  6. Germany unveils first national strategy for gender equality
  7. 31% of board members in STOXX 600 companies are now women vs. just 9% in 2005
  8. Nasdaq to Advance Diversity through New Proposed Listing Requirements
  9. Renewable electricity generation exceeded fossil fuel generation for the first time ever in Europe
  10. TRI-based Mater researchers in partnership with The University of Queensland have developed a new cancer vaccine, which has shown promising signs in preclinical laboratory studies
  11. In a Victory for Women in Sudan, Female Genital Mutilation Is Outlawed
  12. With Vaccines, The End of the Pandemic Is Now in Sight
  13. After coronavirus canceled their daughter’s bat mitzvah party, a family turned the food into meal deliveries for people in quarantine
  14. A bride and groom couldn’t have their dream big wedding due to the coronavirus, so they donated and served all their food to a children’s shelter


Now comes gratitude. We launched Miranda ESG in January 2020 without a clue of what laid ahead of us. We were (and still are) convinced sustainability was the key to the future of financial markets, and we thought our previous experience in the banking world (mainly focused on equity research) gave us the right tools to help investors and companies design and improve their ESG journey, while communicating more clearly with their stakeholders. Obviously, the year was much more complicated than we anticipated (to say the least) on many fronts, but despite the complication we were able to build a team, develop our product offering & methodology, and successfully work on several projects. It is because of our clients’ trust that we stand where we stand today, ready to tackle next year’s challenges and hopefully keep growing as an ESG advisor. Thanks to all our readers too, especially those who provide feedback and questions for future research efforts.

We wish you very happy holidays, and all the best for 2021!



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