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How to Design Outstanding Quarterly and Annual Reports

This week, we take a break from COVID-19, and look at what makes an attractively designed quarterly report. As this is best explained by actual reports, we went through hundreds of such reports, and came up with our top eight reports, outside Mexico, with the links below.

At Miranda we have our own digital graphic design team (headed by Jesus Sandoval, a 10-year veteran of graphic and digital design) and are glad to help anyone looking to put a fresh coat of paint on your corporate IR story. You can look at some of our work at Miranda at http://miranda-dd.com or on request.


What are our design top tips for Investor Relations products?

  • Keep the design consistent with the corporate image.
  • Use simple graphs that are easy to read, and the same style for graphs throughout the report.
  • Make sure the typography and font is legible in size and form, an consistent throughout the report.
  • Use the same colors throughout the report, and try to keep the number of such colors to a minimum, choose colors that match, not too bright, and ensure consistent with corporate colors.
  • Do not overdo the visual information. This is a financial report, not a brochure.
  • Use a visual cover page if possible that captures the essence of the company and has the logo.
  • Slick header and/or foot with name of report and company logo.
  • Use unique photos of the company and its people, not generic stock photos that have been used elsewhere such as of middle-aged men watching a computer screen. Use high resolution images, not grainy.
  • Easy to view on computer and smart phone. No one prints out a quarterly corporate report.
  • Well-spaced out – not cramming too much information onto one page. Clear/eye-catching titles.
  • Additional text boxes to call out the key information on certain pages (e.g. Peloton p8-12).
  • ESG themes are factored in. Make sure gender and ethnic balance is properly reflected in photos; Focus on Teams as well as Top Leaders.


Miranda’s top visual Companies’ Reports:

Adidas: Download Here  

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Download Here

Shell: Download Here

CVS: Download Here

Tesla: Download Here

Hotel Chocolat: Download Here

BMW Group: Download Here

Peloton: Download Here