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How to Create a Factsheet

This week we bring you a step-by-step process on creating a company factsheet. But before going into detail, let’s define what a company factsheet is. This is usually a “two” or “four-pager” document that is attractively designed, in a way consistent with the corporate branding, which briefly explains the business model of the company, strategy, strengths, management team and its results. The objective of this document is to portray a summary of your business in a quick and easy-to-read document. Here are Miranda IR’s top tips on how to produce a quality company fact sheet.


  1. Company Highlights

Start with a couple of bullet points describing your company’s most relevant Highlights. These may include your company’s line of business, its portfolio of projects, its regions of operation and the stock exchange listed on and its ticker. Consider this is the opening of your factsheet and the first thing the reader will notice so think about the most relevant and quick points you wish to communicate.


  1. History of the Company

Create a visually appealing timeline, highlighting most important dates. Include points like acquisitions, partnerships, expansion into new markets, IPO and relevant awards if won. Don’t make it too long.


  1. Lines of Business

Include a section that describes your lines of business. Under each line include some bullet points that describe each one. Mention the position of the company in the market.


  1. Key Facts

Under this section, create some sort of diagram presenting a couple of Key Facts. Items such as, Portfolio size, number of employees, presence in number of countries, and any other relevant fact about your company. These should be quick bullet points, no one wants to read a paragraph, be direct.


  1. Why invest in the company?

This is a very important section. Highlight the most relevant points that make your Company stand out and want to invest in. Items such as: Strategic Plan, qualifications of team, strategic alliances, ESG commitment.


  1. Portfolio

Include a section describing your portfolio. Use a graph to show the portfolio distribution by country (if applies) or some visual to make it more interactive. Remember to always make it visually appealing, people will get bored of plain text.


  1. Key Figures

Include the most relevant financial figures that represent your progress. Metrics such as: Income, Operating Income, EBITDA, EBITDA Margin, Liquidity position, Net Debt, Stockholder’s equity, total liabilities etc. Remember, these are Key Figures, you’re not presenting a whole Financial statement.


  1. Management Team

Under this heading, include a small image of each member of the management team. Next to his or her photograph, include the name and title within the company. If your team is really large, focus on key areas, no one wants to see more than 7-8 images.


  1. IR Contact Details

At the bottom of your company’s factsheet, include your Investor Relations Contact Details. Go with the phone number and email of the IR department. Remember you’re looking for potential investors and if a person is interested after reading the factsheet, they can contact the IR department directly.


As always, if you require any advice on how to create a Company Factsheet, our Miranda Investor Relations would be happy to help.

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