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Happy Holidays!

As we usually do, we are ending this year’s weekly ESG blogs with a compilation of our 10 favorite sustainability news from 2023 to inspire some joy and positive thinking.

There was significant progress made in the sustainability ecosystem this year. We saw increased efforts towards standardizing ESG reporting, as well as a surge in companies adopting robust sustainability strategies. Many countries announced heightened commitments to their SDGs contributions during the COP28 event, signaling a collective push toward addressing environmental challenges.

Having said that, the year was also marked by evident geopolitical tensions and extreme climate events. This, as it always does, has an asymmetric impact on different populations, increasing the need for more investment to reach development goals.

At Miranda ESG we have had the pleasure of watching some of our long-standing clients mature and grow and meeting new clients who have started their sustainability journey. We continued to learn from our projects and are very much looking forward to seeing what we can build together next year. We are very grateful for your continued support.

I am also personally very grateful for our team’s hard work and dedication. Miranda ESG could not be what it is today without your focus and willingness to help others.

And without much further ado, here are our favorite 2023 sustainability news…

  1. A positive year for mental health at work
  2. Actually, 2023 was a great year for DEI programs
  3. Wastewater project of the year: Victor Valley resource recovery center (produces biomethane from wastewater)
  4. The Green Wall (reforestation program in Africa)
  5. Construction of first solar canal in the world (AZ)
  6. COP28: Financial contribution from EU towards climate damage fund
  7. Google Cloud is bringing AI to accelerate climate action
  8. BMV’s million-dollar investment in ESG
  9. Orsted commits to world´s largest offshore wind farm
  10. Historic deal to transition away from fossil fuels


We wish you very happy holidays, and all the best for you and your loved ones in 2024!



CEO, Miranda ESG

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