Ratings Advisory

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Whether you wish to issue debt for the first time, assess the impact of an investment to your credit profile, or analyze present economic and credit trends and their impact on your present ratings, MRA can help. We can assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of rating agency criteria, provide a review of information packages to be delivered to the agencies, and have a frank and open discussion with you about the realistic expectations that you should have when you engage with a rating agency.


  • Assessing the need to engage a rating agency, the type of product required, and the range of expected ratings


  • Assistance in the selection of the rating agency and guidance in the preparation of the information package to be delivered. Advice on how to communicate with rating agency analysts, bankers and potential investors.


  • Assistance in navigating the different methodologies that rating agencies use which may affect the outcome of your rating.


  • Guidance on the appropriate leverage and capitalization levels relating to the aspired rating level.


  • Assessment of potential impact of an investment or acquisition on the existing rating and credit profile.

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