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ESG Development in the Public Equity Market – 2022 report

This week we are sharing our annual update of the Mexico: ESG Development in the Public Equity Market – 2022 report, covering the 2022 annual reporting season for publicly listed companies in Mexico. There is lots of interesting data and once again more progress in this report, which we were happy to see.


We recommend reading all of it, but for now, we leave you with a few key highlights:

  • All sectors in the Mexican market made progress on their ESG strategies and communication efforts over 2021, but we still see a lot of room for improvement in ESG Development.
  • SASB adoption continued this reporting cycle. 70% of sustainability reports in Mexico now include SASB (vs. 40% in 2021 and 10% in 2020).
  • Based on our heatmaps, the most ESG-mature sectors in Mexico are Metals & Mining and FIBRAs. The least ESG-mature sector in Mexico is still Commercial Services Supplies.
  • ESG KPIs are becoming more popular, as every year we see new companies launching a full set of performance indicators to measure all their material topics.
  • The adoption of international initiatives (such as TCFD or the UN’s Global Compact) continues to increase year on year. We would expect this to continue as investors see this as a way to prove that companies are serious about their ESG efforts.


I hope you found this interesting. As usual, if there is anything we can help you with, or if there is an ESG topic you would like to know more about, please let us know.





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