Miranda Partners asesora a clientes que hacen negocios en México en temas de Relación con Inversionistas, Relaciones Públicas y Estrategia de Medios, Análisis Independiente de Capital y Deuda, ESG, Asesoría Financiera, People Advisory y Marketing Digital & Diseño Corporativo.

Cada división opera de forma independiente pero pueden trabajar en conjunto si así se requiere. Nuestro objetivo es ayudar a empresas e inversionistas a navegar el complejo entorno mexicano, a tomar las mejores decisiones y comunicarse de manera efectiva con sus distintos grupos de interés.


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Pensamientos sobre DEI

Despite the efforts we know exist in many companies and industry associations, minority group representation in C-suites, boards, and other senior positions remains persistently low…


Our Offering


Premium subscription content and expert insights generated by an extensive network of professionals in business, politics, and journalism.

Investor Relations

Innovative IR strategies to enhance companies' liquidity and valuation. Close collaboration with management and investor relations teams.

Financial Advisory

Advice to companies, investment funds, family offices, and independent financial advisors to help them identify opportunities while minimizing risks.


Assistance and support for companies in addressing the challenges and complexities of ESG integration by utilizing the latest global best practices.

Global Research

Independent, high-quality research on publicly listed companies, including equity and debt research, and distribution via local and global platforms.

Media & PR

Specialized in media relations, communication strategies, and crisis management, with a multi-national team that brings together specialized skills.

Digital & Design

Technological and design services that are designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients, and be efficiently integrated into their digital strategies.

People Advisory

Expert advice on how to optimize businesses structure and practices to cultivate task forces that can effectively overcome any professional challenges.