Miranda Partners y ADDvisory crearán una nueva división de asesoría de talento

Miranda Partners and ADDvisory have agreed to join up and offer Talent and People Advisory services through a new entity, Miranda People ADDvisory, combining the strengths of the two businesses. The new company will offer HR, recruiting and talent advisory services to Mexico-based companies, especially in the Financial, IT, and Digital Transformation areas.

The Problem With Public Data

Miranda Partners is publishing our first guest blog, from Miguel Angel Davila, a founding partner at Tukan. As the blog shows, TUKAN collects, cleans, and standardizes millions of data points for the Mexican market, with a focus on the financial sector. For the data junkies out there like ourselves, we cannot recommend TUKAN highly enough.

El Pulso de los Medios – Agosto 2021

Mexican journalism, increasingly targeted by organized crime and institutions, continues to shine. This summer has been successful for many communication professionals, while new spaces for women and young people emerge that we hope will be an example of work for their collaborators in times of crisis.

El Pulso de los Medios – Julio

Uno de los hilos conductores de las novedades que surgieron este mes en el gremio periodístico mexicano ha sido el caso Vallarta-Cassez y el montaje televisivo que de su aprehensión se realizó en 2005. Algunos de los medios más importantes del país cambian de timón, mientras que siguen registrándose actos de acoso y autoritarismo en contra de periodistas y plataformas informativas.

¿Sabes que es la Evaluación Nacional de Riesgos?

On this week’s Compliance blog we are going to cover the National Risk Assessment (NRA), an issue that is an integral part of institutional Risk Based Approach programs and Money Laundering Prevention (PLD) programs.