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Digital Investor Survey 2023: Evolving Trends in Digital Communication

In today’s digital age, companies must continuously adapt their investor relations (IR) strategies to engage with investors and other stakeholders effectively. The Brunswick Group’s 2023 Digital Investor Survey offers valuable insights into the latest trends in digital communication and their implications for IR. After reading it, here are what we believe are the key recommendations to optimize your digital investor relations presence.


  1. Company websites: they are the foundation of effective digital communication. 84% of investors consider company websites as the primary source of information for investment research. It is therefore fundamental to maintain an up-to-date, user-friendly, and responsive website.
  2. The rising influence of social media: 67% of investors now use social media for investment research. Thus, companies need to establish a strong presence on popular platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to effectively engage with investors and enhance their online visibility.
  3. Preferred social media platforms for investors: LinkedIn (81%), Twitter (71%), and YouTube (68%) emerge as the top three social media platforms for investors. Companies should leverage these platforms to share updates and engage in conversations.
  4. The importance of digital events and webinars: 70% of respondents attended digital events in the past year, 65% believe they will continue to be relevant after the pandemic. This implies companies should incorporate digital events and webinars in their IR strategy to maintain regular engagement with investors and provide good access to management.
  5. The growing emphasis on ESG factors: 89% of investors consider ESG factors when making investment decisions. Transparent and comprehensive communication of ESG initiatives is essential for attracting and retaining investors.
  6. The emergence of podcasts and livestreams: 43% of investors are tuning in to podcasts and 37% are engaging in livestreams for investment information. Companies should explore these formats to provide convenient and accessible information to investors.


Miranda IR and Miranda Partner’s other divisions are happy to help you and your company navigate this dynamic environment and optimize your digital investor relations presence and experience, ensuring effective communication with investors and fostering long-term success.

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