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Corporate Podcasts

Podcasts have become increasingly popular, and they offer unique and creative ways to share your message, whether internally within your company or to the world. If you’re wondering whether your company or its leadership should participate in or host a corporate podcast, we’ll discuss some of the benefits and show you our favorites to help get you brainstorming.


External Podcasts

The most successful external corporate podcasts focus on an interesting subject related to your company’s main product/industry. For example, the US mattress company Casper’s podcast In Your Dreams”, is a scientific exploration of what we know about sleeping and dreams, and a less scientific interpretation of their listener’s dreams.

Engaging in conversations about your industry on your podcast can establish you as an expert and thought leader, opening opportunities for networking and building relationships with key stakeholders. Moreover, it can create goodwill towards your brand by shaping the narrative around your business and anticipating potential public relations crises. By producing relevant and evergreen content, you can also build a library of resources that can be used for social media or internal communication. Overall, a corporate podcast can be a powerful tool for establishing your brand, building relationships, and creating high-quality content.


In Mexico Start with Interviews on Established Podcasts

Although podcasts in general are gaining popularity in Mexico, with now one in four Mexicans listening to a podcast weekly, according to PwC Mexico and Statista’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022–2026, like elsewhere it’s a highly fragmented market. From an article from Whitepaper, Apple in 2021 released that new podcast episode would need to achieve more than 72 downloads to be in the top 25% of podcasts. The top 5% of podcasts have more than 539 downloads, while the top 1% have more than 3,000 downloads. This means that 75% of podcast episodes are listened to fewer than 72 times, highlighting the challenge of building a podcast audience from scratch.

In Mexico  BIVA (Analisis BIVA), Banorte (Norte Economico), Bolsa Mexicana (el podcast), BBVA (BBVA desde la banca), GBM (Dinero Mas Inteligente) and Cemex (Construyendo Dialogo) among others, publish their own corporate podcasts. Unless you have deep pockets and a great story to tell, and a big economics research department to help out, initially it probably makes the most sense for the majority of Mexican companies to agree to be interviewed for well-established podcasts that already have an audience and buy publicity on such podcasts. The podcast field is so crowded now that starting your own niche podcast runs the risk of having less than hundreds of listeners making for a poor return on investment and time. The other possibility is to work with an established podcast company like Dementes Media that can cross sell across its other Podcasts. But going alone is a risky path to take.

Mexico’s most successful business podcasts not related to corporates include Historias x Whitepaper, Dementes, Negocios Chingones, Emprendeduros, Cracks Podcast con Oscar Trava, Dimes y Billetas, The CEO Gal podcast, Peras y Manzanas, and Sinergeticos. You can see a fuller list here. Miranda is happy to put companies in touch with the owners of these podcasts if of help.

Also, Joe Leonard, now at Miranda-IR but then at our sister division Miranda Media, published a broader guide to Mexican podcasts in 2020 which can be seen here –


Internal Podcasts

 Internal podcasts can be a great alternative for internal communication instead of additional emails/Zoom calls. They are not publicly broadcasted, instead they are shared on a company’s intranet or sent directly to employees. Internal podcasts are engaging, intimate, and allow companies to add humor and emotion to their messages. They also allow staff to listen when it’s convenient for them, helping establish and reinforce company culture, and can be used to measure employee engagement.

Most often internal podcasts are used to preserve a company’s history and culture, promote communication between departments, motivate the workforce, and disseminate industry news and trends. Additionally, they can be utilized to control and develop the company’s narrative, make corporate announcements, conduct Q&A sessions with executives, communicate priorities, provide a platform for collaboration, and facilitate employee training.

Miranda Partners in association with Dementes Media, a Mexican podcast producer focused on business and entrepreneurship with over 500,000 monthly listeners, are happy to help you with all aspects of your corporate podcast.


Examples of External Global Podcasts

  • Open for Business by Ebay interviews small business owners on how to build a business from scratch.
  • Pick Me Up tells stories about the lives and dreams of Lyft
  • In Your Dreams is Casper’s (a US mattress company) scientific deep dive on sleeping and dreams, in addition to unscientific interpretations of the audience’s recurring dreams.
  • .future by Microsoft, is hosted by a science and technology journalist who explores the future of tech and the industries that will define the future.
  • Inside Trader Joe’s is a behind-the-scenes look at the Company and its over 500 grocery stores.
  • Crazy Good Turns is with the former CEO of Home Depot who talks to entrepreneurs, founders, academics, and altruists about opportunities and gratitude.



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