Small Cap Forum 2020

This week we bring you our key takeaways from the different sessions at the IR Magazine Small Cap Forum held last week, as well as the key points from another recent webinar on earnings call preparation. SNAPSHOT: Impact of Covid-19 – what are the emerging risks and future outlooks for small and micro-cap IROs? Move […]

IR Magazine Awards 2020

Whilst here in Mexico we were celebrating Independence Day last Wednesday September 16th, more modest and less visible celebrations of a sort were also taking place in the US, as IR Magazine hosted its annual awards ceremony, (for the first time a virtual event). This week we bring you the winners of the key categories […]

A Short Guide to Targeting Investors in your Mexican Stock

Every listed Mexican company has a target list of investors, local and foreign, actual and potential. Here we provide a simple guide to who’s who, so as to help Investor Targeting. Arguably the most important part of the job of an Investor Relations officer is know his investor base, actual and potential, who can and […]

SPACs: Why are they in vogue and what is happening in Mexico?

What is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)? A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is a company with no commercial operations, formed strictly to raise capital through an IPO for the purpose of acquiring an existing company, although that company is unknown at the time of the IPO. Essentially, they provide an alternative path to […]

Building the best IR Website

Websites are often where investors get their first impression of a company, so make sure it’s good. Think about how you want investors to receive your message – tell your story your way, on your website. This week we have highlighted 7 key areas to improve investor communication, via the company website and beyond. (We […]

Corruption Scandals from an IR Perspective

Corruption in Mexico is back in the headlines, after the testimony of former Pemex boss last week Emilio Lozoya implicated ex-Presidents, legislators, and other senior politicians of the past (without much new proof being offered). And it’s not just a government problem. At the corporate level, earlier this month the SEC fined the USA consumer […]

Small Cap Stocks in a Large Cap World

Small caps are finding it increasingly harder to gain attention, with brokerage firms’ equity research leading to buying the largest and most liquid stocks (and MiFID II hasn’t helped). However, an effective IR strategy can make a big difference in attracting interest in small cap companies, helping to improve perception, increase valuation, liquidity and improve […]

How to spot fake news from an IR Perspective

Fake news is described as the “deliberate creation and sharing of false or manipulated information to harm others for personal, political, or financial gain.” Fake News in Financial Markets Detecting fake news can be difficult. It’s hard to tell which sources are biased and which are not, and which sources are genuine and which are […]

The Power of Data for Investor Relations

This week we also look at data analysis and Investor Relations strategies, summing up a recent webinar we listened in on (IR Magazine’s Webinar – The power of data for your IR program) with some thoughts of our own. We recommend those interested in more information listen in on the full webinar, details below. Data […]

Information Providers for the Mexican and Global Stock Markets

This week we take a look at the different information providers for the Mexican and global stock markets and take you through the pros and cons of each provider. We have looked at a range of providers; from the expensive comprehensive tools for institutional investors such as Bloomberg, to the free services targeted at individual […]