2021 Guidance in a World with Covid-19 and a Vaccine

This week we are taking a look at guidance for 2021 and what that looks like as we head into a world with Covid-19 and a vaccine. We’ll look at which Mexican companies have already released guidance for 2021 and what USA companies are doing. There are various benefits to issuing formal financial guidance: Guidance […]

Relevant Events and Insider Information

This week we take another look at some key legal and compliance issues facing Investor Relations teams in Mexican companies, and focus on the definitions of Insider Information and Relevant Events, and the implications for communication strategy.  RELEVANT EVENTS A relevant event is considered any act, fact, or event of any nature that influences or […]

101 on Legal and Compliance for IROs

As part of our role at Miranda IR we focus a lot on best IR practices, but what are the legal and compliance requirements for a Mexican IR firm? This week we provide a simple 101 on legal and compliance for IROs. (Beyond this, it is best to consult a lawyer). 1. Quarterly Reporting Deadlines […]

IR Roadmap 2021

It’s approaching year-end, and many of us will need to fill in our 2021 objectives, goals and metrics against which to be evaluated. This week, as an example, we decided to do our own exercise for “Grupo Miranda”, a recently listed fast growing Mexican IR and communication company. 1)      Sell side coverage We plan to double […]

Mexico’s growing tech savvy retail investor market

This week we look at the growing base of tech-savvy retail investors in Mexico, and how best to approach them to boost liquidity and valuation for Mexican listed companies. Compared to the USA, and even Brazil, Mexico has a small tech-savvy retail investor market, but it is at least growing fast. In its most recent report, […]

Quarterly Earnings Call

After the earnings call season, this week we take a look back at the key points to ensure a successful earnings call, the advantages and disadvantages of different providers and the benefits of using video. Key points for a successful earnings call: Be prepared: make a list of possible questions (from FAQs to your IR team, […]

What did we learn from 3Q20 Mexican corporate earnings?

Earnings in 3Q20 recovered on average from 2Q20 as lock down measures were eased, and the consumer recovered sequentially – but many sectors continued to struggle in the face of remaining mobility restrictions, unemployment, and a negative investment climate. TMT: Mobile and Broadband did well in the pandemic times, while advertising was badly hit, with […]

IR Magazine Small Cap Forum 2020

This week we bring you our key takeaways from part two of the IR Magazine Small Cap Forum held last week, as well as the key points from another recent webinar on earnings call preparation. PRESENTATION: Responding to the changing investor base during Covid-19, and attracting the right investors for your company There has been […]

Investor Relations Courses and Certifications

This week we analyze how the investor relations education landscape looks today. As we all know, IR is a multidisciplinary profession, where people from diverse backgrounds (finance, accounting, communication, etc.) come together, without usually having studied IR per se. The question then becomes, what are the educational options for those with an interest in IR, […]

Investor Days: Why and How to Organize a Virtual Investor Day

This week we take a look at virtual investor days. This topic has become increasingly important as companies switch to holding virtual conferences instead of traditional investor days, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a trend that we suspect will continue even post COVID due to convenience and lower cost. Here we outline the pros and […]