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IR Roadmap 2021

It’s approaching year-end, and many of us will need to fill in our 2021 objectives, goals and metrics against which to be evaluated. This week, as an example, we decided to do our own exercise for “Grupo Miranda”, a recently listed fast growing Mexican IR and communication company.


1)      Sell side coverage

We plan to double our coverage from 2 to 4 analysts over a 12-month time horizon:

  • By making life easy for the sell side analysts, providing all our data for their financial models.
  • By leveraging the Investment Banking arms of the brokerages, showing that we are a good holistic client, but that to do business we need coverage.


2)      Investor targeting

We will target investors in similar Mexican companies and Latam, and global companies in the same sector, working with investor lists in Bloomberg.

  • We will contact 100 potential new investors.


3)      New investors

As a result of the investor targeting mentioned above, as well as other initiatives mentioned below, we aim to attract 10 new investors with over 100 million MXN invested in the company.  


4)      Investor day

We will host a virtual investor day in March.

  • We will invite over 200 current and potential investors and analysts identified through our investor targeting.
  • We will invite both local and international investors and potential investors.
  • Target attendees: approx. 100.


5)      Non-deal roadshows

We will run three NDRs in April & September (USA and Europe / South America / Mexico institutional and retail). We will assess the pandemic situation nearer the time to decide whether an in-person NDR is appropriate or whether to conduct it virtually.

  • We will invite 30 current and potential investors to each road show, aiming for 6-7 confirmed meetings per day.
  • We will prioritize existing large investors.
  • We will analyze our current investors and compare with peers to identify which of these investors we believe are underinvested in our stock.
  • We will invite the top potential investors identified through our investor targeting.
  • We will work with brokerage firms that currently cover us and those that are close to initiating coverage for the institutional NDRs.  


6)      One to one calls with investors

  • We aim to increase our one on one calls with investors by 50% each quarter compared to 2020 quarterly average.
  • We will track all contact with investors and potential investors in our CRM to improve the quality and timeliness of our communications and provide a data history for the whole team.


7)      Conferences

We plan to attend at least 6 non-Mexican conferences (virtual or in-person) to broaden our reach. Our focus will be three New York based conferences (i.e., Citi, Itau and UBS), two London (Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan) and one Brazilian (Itau or Pactual). We will plan to offer to go to all relevant Mexico-based conferences and CEO round tables.

  • We aim to gain a speaker slot at 1 conference.


8)      ESG

Following the publication of our first annual integrated sustainability report for 2019, we aim to become part of a major ESG index, through our continued publication of ESG metrics.


9)      Social media

We will create social media accounts for Investor Relations and aim to have at least 100 IR followers by the end of 2021.


10)   Quarterly reporting

We aim to report our quarterly earnings at least 1 week prior to the reporting deadline.


11)   Annual reporting

We aim to publish our annual report at least 2 weeks prior to the reporting deadline.

  • Our annual report will continue to be an integrated report addressing both financial performance and sustainability.


12)   Earnings calls

We aim to increase the number of investors and analysts on our earnings calls by 20% compared to 2020.

  • We will research the date and time of our peers’ earnings calls so that our call does not clash, therefore enabling more investors and analysts the ability to join our call.
  • We will send the earnings call invitation 3 weeks before the call.
  • We will send a reminder 1 week before the call.
  • We will include details of the earnings call in the email with our quarterly report, the day before the call.
  • We will continue to track who attends the call and add their details to our CRM.


13)   Perception study

We will improve the market perception of the company by conducting perception studies every other quarter and acting on the recommendations.

  • We will act on at least 1 each quarter.
  • We will then measure the reaction to these changes.


14)   IR materials

We will continue to ensure that our IR materials are best in class.

  • We will ensure that all IR materials are readily available.
  • We will make sure that our IR materials continue to provide all the content that is given by our peers.
  • We will ensure that our IR materials have a modern and consistent design.
  • We will make sure that our IR materials are not overloaded with information and are easy to read.
  • We will ensure that our IR materials contain the most up to date published figures.


15)   Stock liquidity index

We aim to move up 5 places on the BMV stock liquidity index.

  • We aim to achieve this through all of the initiatives mentioned above.


As always, Miranda IR is here to help you with any of your IR needs, including planning for 2021.