Miranda Partners advises clients doing business in Mexico on Investor Relations, Media & PR, Global Equity & Debt Research, ESG Issues, Ratings Advisory, Digital & Design and Business Development.

Our divisions run independently but cooperate and use each other’s expertise when needed. Our goal is to help companies and investors navigate the complex Mexican environment, take better decisions and communicate effectively with their stakeholders.

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El Pulso de los Medios

La pandemia de coronavirus sigue impactando de manera directa al mundo de los medios de comunicación mexicanos, sin embargo, también las decisiones y el comportamiento de directivos y actores relevantes inciden en los resultados de sus empresas y en la percepción que los propios periodistas tienen de sus centros y equipos de trabajo. 

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Learning about ESG?

This week, I want to answer a question we frequently get: where can someone learn about ESG and the right way to think about sustainability?

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Why is independence and empowerment important for a Compliance program?

When proposing, establishing, or implementing a Compliance program, many questions arise, such as: which area should the Compliance unit be in within the organization?; who should head the division or program?; or what kind of resources should be allocated to it? All of these are valid questions and should be answered, but first I would like to raise some more general than practical ideas to keep in mind before answering those questions.

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