Miranda Partners advises clients doing business in Mexico on Investor Relations, Media & PR, Global Equity & Debt Research, ESG Issues, Ratings Advisory, Digital & Design and Compliance.

Our divisions run independently but cooperate and use each other’s expertise when needed. Our goal is to help companies and investors navigate the complex Mexican environment, take better decisions and communicate effectively with their stakeholders.

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What is the perception of insecurity in your state?

On this week’s Compliance Blog we will talk about an issue of concern for everyone living in Mexico: the perception of insecurity in Mexican states. Which states are seen as the riskiest, and how does this relate to money laundering prevention? Keep reading to find out.

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El Pulso de los Medios – Julio

Uno de los hilos conductores de las novedades que surgieron este mes en el gremio periodístico mexicano ha sido el caso Vallarta-Cassez y el montaje televisivo que de su aprehensión se realizó en 2005. Algunos de los medios más importantes del país cambian de timón, mientras que siguen registrándose actos de acoso y autoritarismo en contra de periodistas y plataformas informativas.

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