Miranda Partners advises clients doing business in Mexico on Investor Relations, Media & PR, Global Equity & Debt Research, ESG Issues, Ratings Advisory, Digital & Design and Business Development.

Our divisions run independently but cooperate and use each other’s expertise when needed. Our goal is to help companies and investors navigate the complex Mexican environment, take better decisions and communicate effectively with their stakeholders.

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Investor Relations and Mexican politics

The still preliminary results from mid-term elections on Sunday confirmed how polarized Mexico has become politically. About half the country supported the populist Morena and its allies, with the other half backing a…

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Do publicly traded companies need a personal trading policy?

In this post we are going to discuss a topic that is particularly relevant for companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange (BMV or BIVA). I am specifically referring to the handling of privileged information and relevant events, which directly influence personal trading by managers and other employees who work for the organization.

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Investor Conferences

This week we focus on Investor Conferences – which ones to go to, who to send, and how they may evolve in the post pandemic world. We are also….

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